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Are you looking for a high energy, engaging, experienced speaker who will add value to your next meeting? From start to finish, Regina will inspire, encourage, interact and WOW your audience. She will leave them laughing and learning more than they ever expected from a keynote speaker.

Regina works with organizations that are focused on achieving world class results by developing leaders, engaging employees and creating work environments that embrace innovative thinking.

Johson and Johnson
"We received feedback from over 85% of attendees; many commented that you were one of the best speakers they had ever heard."

— Cindy Aiden, Director Document Management

Are We Having Fun Yet?Are We Having Fun Yet?

by Regina Clark, CSP

Motivating employees has always been a very difficult topic. On the one hand we can say that it's not possible to motivate employees at all, people typically do what they want to do. People are motivated for their own reasons, not for your reasons.

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